Woodyman Project


Why, How?


The 8×10 Woodyman was born from a passion shared by two friends for large-format photography and from an observation

“Large format 8×10 photographic cameras are unique tools, of incomparable quality and which offer impressive possibilities.
But the financial investment to start in this photographic format is still far too important.
Even on the second-hand market, it's rare to find good. Old business and rooms are often cumbersome.”

From this observation, the Woodyman Project was born with the idea of trying to democratize the large 8×10 format by offering new and light rooms at affordable prices!


Large format photography has produced the most important and beautiful images ever created!

Between the 1930s and 1950s, pioneers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston brought back, with their rooms, the most breathtaking shots of landscape photography.
Even with the advent of the digital age, large-format photography has survived thanks to the incomparable possibilities it offers and its unparalleled quality of definition.
Today, the best digital sensors do not make it possible to reach the resolutions of large-format analog film shots (beyond the 4×5 format).

This wonderful process, which is over a hundred years old, continues to attract new passionate photographers today.

Making this format more accessible means helping and contributing to make it come alive!

Living in a beautiful and big world with beautiful and big images.

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The Woodyman 8×10 is a quality camera that offers all the possibilities that can be expected from a large format technical camera.

It combines lightness and strength while being very functional.
Its artisanal manufacture uses high-tech equipment and the origin of its raw materials is 100% French.

Its starting price: 810 euros. Makes sense!

With “The 8×10" you are the unique creator of a rare and precious memory, the result of your imagination. With a noble and lasting tool, you secure unforgettable moments in your life.
You rediscover the pleasure of taking the time to reflect, to immerse yourself in your environment and to give meaning to the image you produce.

What are you waiting for to write your story in a big way with light?

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